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Custom Fly Patterns

I specialize in custom hand-tied trout flies. Though I have many go-to patterns, I will challenge myself to tie any trout fly for any season on any river. I only tie with the finest quality materials. Below is a snapshot of what I’d be looking to discuss in order to create a custom pattern for you. For a full case study check out “Custom Fly: Big Horn River in Montana.”


What kind of river (Freestone, Tailwater, Spring Creek, Lake)? Location and destination?


More than anything, time of the year dictates what bugs you will encounter either hatching or splashing and what the trout are searching for to eat.


Matters! Matching what size of bug the trout is searching for and eating is critical to your success.


What kind of insects are being observed on and around the water? The time of year will predominantly influence this.


Nature imitating nature. When choosing patterns, I use natural materials whenever possible.


Stage makes a difference. Time of the day usually dictates what pattern or stage appears most natural and vulnerable.

Featured Patterns of the Month

These are fly patterns that I’m tying a lot of currently. They do rotate through the year based on seasons and personal interest. That said, I will tie any pattern no matter the season or location. For a full listing of standard flies see Seasonal Fly Patterns below. Prices range from $2-$6 each. If you are interested in discussing options, give me a call and we can discuss!

Egg Laying Caddis


Tied on a Klinkhammer style hook to imitate the posture of a female caddis in a very vulnerable position from a Trout’s point of view. Choice of color and size dependent upon local hatch.

Orange Caddis


Pattern inspired by legendary Michigan fly tier Rusty Gates and color recommended by Southern trout guru Bobby Arnold. And I quote, “Me and the boys down here swear by Orange in the Fall”. I can’t argue with that insider information.

Sheep Fly


Now located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, we decided to start our Trout fishing adventures with as traditional of Southern pattern as we could find. According to local knowledge, this pattern has been fooling trout for as long as anyone around these parts can remember.

Yellow Hammer


Traditional Southern Trout fly updated and legal. The original pattern called for feathers from a protected species of woodpecker that if found in your possession would land you under the local pokey. This version works great in Mountain streams swinging downstream just like any other soft hackle presentation only with a Southern accent.

Rainbow Warrior Bugger


The Wooly Bugger has probably fooled more Trout around the United States than any other pattern out there in an endless variety of color combinations. This rendition is inspired by a young fly fisherman from Southern California that found success on his first fly fishing adventure with the very successful original Rainbow Warrior midge pattern. Our first West Coast inspired imitation.

June Lake Zonker


This streamer pattern inspired by an accomplished fly fisherman from California that spends a lot of time enticing the local trout population in the June Lake area of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Short strikes led to a detailed drawing of his ideas of how to avoid near misses which led to this creation of the food source his California trout seem to have a problem resisting, with a hook waiting on the tail end of this baitfish imitation.

Creating the right fly for the right time on the right river.

We apply the finest craftsmanship and care for every fly we tie. I primarily hand-tie for midwestern seasonal patterns within the US.

No. My most preferred process when it comes to a custom fly order is a discussion with the fisherman including them in the design. That being said, many of my fly orders begin with one sample before the actual order is completed. So the minimum custom order begins with either a photo or an actual sample for approval.
Yes. I can tie virtually any trout fly you throw my way. If you have a pattern in mind that you do not see below, feel free to give me a call to discuss.

It depends. I have completed orders anywhere from 1 up to 100. Ultimately, if it’s a good match I’m willing to produce as many as you’d like. On larger quantities, understand I may need more lead time, so plan ahead for your prime fly fishing season. And I’m open to producing annual sets of flies on-going if that is something you are interested in.

In the event that you’re bulk order is outside of my wheelhouse and you are looking for more high volume production type of fly, I’ll connect you with my friends over at ReelFlyRod. I help out in the shop tying flies and educating customers on flies and gear from time-to-time.

For sure! If you know in advance of the types of flies you’ll be fly fishing with throughout the year, I’m happy to plan a package annually. We can always adjust the package based on how well certain flies perform and the changes of the environments you are in.

Seasonal Fly Patterns

Below is a full list of my standard patterns based off midwestern seasons. Prices range from $2 – $6 each. If you are interested in a custom trout fly, let’s discuss. I’m ready for a good challenge!

Nymph & Larvae

Tellico Nymph

Nymph & Larvae

Prince Nymph

Nymph & Larvae

Pheasant Tail

Nymph & Larvae

Kingfisher Nymph

Nymph & Larvae

Jungle Cock Nymph

Nymph & Larvae

Caddis Larvae


Woolly Bugger

Olive, Black & White

Rusty’s Matuka

Olive, Black, Yellow & Natural

Caddis with Legs


I have had many opportunities to fish with Greg’s flies and I would rank his quality with the best tiers in the country. If I still operated my fly shop, I would not hesitate to stand behind his flies and would proudly sell them in my shop.
Tom Frick
As a General Manager and Head Guide of ReelFlyRod Outfitters, our shop is expected to deliver the best in quality to our fly fishing clients. Morrett's flies deliver the best in quality, durability, and matching the hatch. When a subtle brown is sipping a cripple on a crystal clear stream, a Morrett fly will only be tied on my leader!
Matt “Parker”
My passion is to match hatching flies and primarily fish dry flies. I have come to Greg on numerous occasions with some wild idea about a size, color, or appearance of something I saw on the stream. He continues to amaze me with his creations that match the hatches in my head.
Tom Frick
I have watched Greg tie flies for 20 years and I continue to be amazed at how meticulous he is with creating even the tiniest details of each fly. They are all miniature, unique and beautiful, impressionistic pieces of art.
Melanie Morrett