Next Chapter – Above the Last Waterfall

The last waterfall sounds a little ominous. Please allow me to be a little philosophical with this entry. I am not expecting to roll six anytime soon but, as a retired traveling salesman on medicare, I am fully aware that I have more time in my rear view mirror than I do looking out the windshield. This reality has inspired me to be more in tune and intentional with each day that I am allowed to wander through God’s wonderful Creation while trying not to trample it along the way. This kind of thinking has grown me in my Faith and humbled me in my outlook on the world and how it was originally designed in the Beginning. For a fly fisherman looking for a piece of the origin story of streams and trout, I have found you have to go where the water comes from and the wild resident trout are protected and unmolested from the perils that lie below the last waterfall. Finding a pure, untouched by mankind piece of nature is the closest thing to Heaven one can hope to find in today’s world. For us here at Morrett Fly Fishing our search has led us to spend more time looking up and slowly wading upstream in the mountains of North Carolina. The path can get a little steep and slippery but we are enjoying the scenery as we go. We can only imagine what the view and the trout fishing will be like when we get to the place where the water bubbles out of the Mountain, the Beginning. I hope this kind of thinking is evident in how we conduct our lives and our fly fishing adventures.

I have not written a journal entry since moving to the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and my partners have asked me to write something down before I forget. The main reason Morrett Fly Fishing exists is in the case I go first they wanted to have some stories available to tell around the campfire. Thank you Mel, Andy, and the entire team at CreativeFuse. I am not sure they are listening to all my ramblings in the first place. As a byproduct of our endeavors, hopefully there is some content included that can help other fly fishermen out there on their own journey. Only through experiences I have been allowed to enjoy, with much more capable guides and fly tiers than myself, am I able to help others along the way.

With the addition of over 650 new subscribers to our website over the last couple of months and the fact that an update is overdue, if you are so inclined, please catch up by reading some of our previous journal entries for some background or check out some of my latest featured custom flies. All that being said, please allow this new writing to bring all those interested up to date. 

Me reach casting upstream in a wild mountain stream.
Mountain Reach Cast on the Pacelot River
A Winston rod with an Abel reel sitting on a rock
Winston and Abel
Casting tight loops on the Big Hungry River

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